Consult your software

Do you need a second opinion on your architecture?

Scale development

We can help scale your dev team fast.

Onsite development

We are sharing knowledge with your dev team in your offices.

Custom software development

Do you know what you want, but your development team has no free capacity?


We can help you create a startup from scratch.

Low code

Abstracts and automates every step of the application lifecycle to enable rapid delivery.

We are a unique club of experienced developers.

Everyone shares their knowledge with the rest of the team. It helps every one of us to learn new things and see invisible horizons.We are different. We are unique. We are The Club.

What we do?

We love challenges and exciting projects. We focus especially on TV and Media projects. We cover all fields, from TV planning over IPTV and live streaming to CDN infrastructure.

New unicorn on the rise

We are working hard on our ambitious start-up project. Launching in the US, testing in the Czech Republic. If you are a JavaScript enthusiast, let`s go for a beer and we will tell you the whole story...


and long term partners


Our end-to-end solution supporting multi-screen functionalities and multi-tenant capabilities with more than 1 milion active customers.

Octopus news room

Managing newsroom production for Over 250 broadcasters.


Powerful analytics that goes beyond your organization


The largest betting agency in the Czech Republic.


We enjoy working with all major frameworks. React, Angular and Vue.js

Mobile and TV

We like to touch on our work. Not just on mobiles, but tv remotes too.


We are huge fans of GraphQL. But Rest API is ok in any language (Node.js, PHP, Python)

Machine learning

We like to create cool stuff with Tensorflow.

Rapid development

Low code platforms can create MVP ultra fast. Outsystems and Power apps are very strong tools.

Best tech podcast

We bare front ends and back ends of exciting Czech start-ups and companies. Tune into us on Spotify, Apple & Google Podcasts.


Olsanska 1A


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George Bachel

+420 777 805 281



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